A Message from the President

Dear Friends,

It takes courage for adults to come to us for help. Whether they’re English-speaking citizens who haven’t yet mastered the ability to read, or foreign language speakers who want to communicate with coworkers or their children’s teachers, ALL of our students want to improve themselves.

As tutors, our job is to help our students identify and attain their goals. Our volunteers are coaches, encouragers, confidence-builders and navigators, helping adults decode the mysteries of the English language. We are fortunate that most of our students have a genuine hunger for learning, and they are very appreciative of us tutors.

It does take consistency and patience to tutor. And there are a host of ways to help beyond tutoring, such as writing grants, organizing events or doing office work.

But the most important thing you can do is let others know about us. Chances are you know someone who’s struggling with writing, reading or speaking. Encourage them to call us. We can help!

The fact that you’re on this website right now means you care about literacy. Thank you for considering our efforts. To learn more about volunteering, come to one of our monthly Information Meetings at the Torrance Public Library (They’re usually held the first Thursday of the month, at 7 p.m.) .

If you can donate any sum, rest assured that each dollar will be used wisely. Your investment would multiply at least ten-fold, as our volunteers’ FREE services would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the results, and the experience, are priceless!

In Service to a Higher Cause,

Laney Quirk

President, South Bay Literacy Council